About Me - Suzanne Kinner Photography

Just a little bit about me...

Well, lets just start with the obvious... I love all things photographic.  But you probably guessed that already. :)

Since I was very young I've had that urge to capture a moment in my mind and try to save it forever.  I love those vibrant  memories of family laughing and being together,  and of friends either human or furry and their amazing relationships with us. Then there are those moments we have alone, walking in a park or field or exploring an amazing street in some distant city or our own hometown.  It all evokes emotion;  a sense of place, home, warmth, safety, friendship, trust, gratefulness, peace and of course excitement and adventure.  I want to capture those fleeting moments  the best way I know, with my camera.  Photography and personal connection are my way of helping you  hold on to those feelings, those moments just a little longer.

A Few More Little Details...

So nuts and bolts?  I am a Kansas City based photographer who also loves to travel.  I am an all-rounder who loves portraiture: High School Seniors (SO MUCH FUN!) and Families (heartwarming :)  and businesses for headshots and product work.  I also have a passion for sport photography from soccer to triathlon, track to baseball.  And finally, when I find  some free time you'll find me either exploring and photographing KC or traveling wherever I can to explore, photograph, eat great food and meet new people. 

The world is a wonderful place.  Make sure you take the time to wander & wonder as often as possible.

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